Judith’s Holocaust chapter, Exterminating Pests: Fireflies, Ladybugs and Children appears in the new, free, on-line text,
The Holocaust: Remembrance, Respect, and Resilience.

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Judith Brin Ingber is an international expert on Israeli and Jewish dance. In the anthology she edited,

Seeing Israeli and Jewish Dance

"Seeing Israeli and Jewish Dance," choreographer, dancer, and dance scholar Judith Brin Ingber collects wide-ranging essays and many remarkable photographs to explore the evolution of Jewish dance through two thousand years of Diaspora, in communities of amazing variety and amid changing traditions. Taken together, this wide range of expression illustrates the vitality, necessity, and continuity of dance in Judaism.

Dance Today #43 Cover

Judith's new review of the International Exposure Festival in Tel Aviv for foreign presenters is found in the newest "Dance Today" #43 issue. | Read the article

JUDITH'S revised articles ON JEWISH WOMEN DANCERS are included in the newest edition of the Jewish Women's Archives (JWA.org) International Shalvi/Hyman Encyclopedia of Jewish Women.  

Some of the revised dance encyclopedia entries by Judith include:
Modern Dance Performance in the United States

Jewish Women Dance Educators and Writers

Yardena Cohen

Also, if you're curious about Judith and the Brin matriarchy,  look up the bio of Judith's sister Rabbi Deborah Brin, one of the first openly gay rabbis who led the first prayer service for Women of the Wall at the Conference for the Empowerment of Jewish Women in 1988; Judith's mother, Ruth F. Brin who helped transform modern prayer with her evocative writing, poetry and liturgy; Judith's paternal grandmother Fanny Fligelman Brin, suffragist, pacifist and riveting international speaker during the inter-war period, is also remembered  as innovative president of the National Council of Jewish Women. 




































































News & Events

Judith announces with great pride that there is a new dance archives at the Ohio State University, Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute Thompson Library Special Collections. It is the Judith Brin Ingber Jewish Dance Archives.

Information from her new archives at the Ohio State can be coordinated through the readers' guides of her collection at the Israel Dance Library and her collection at the Performing Arts Archives of the Elmer L. Andersen Library at the University of Minnesota. This new Jewish Dance Archives in her name has been several years in the making, primarily through the inspiration of Hannah Kosstrin, Ohio State's director of graduate studies in dance and also director of their Melton Center for Jewish Studies. Some of the features in the new archives include over 100 letters from Giora Manor, the eminent Israeli Dance critic with whom Judith founded the first Israeli dance magazine in 1975. There are also letters between Judith and other Israeli personalities: the Baroness de Rothschild, founder of both the Batsheva and Bat-Dor dance companies, which employed Judith; correspondence with Israeli Folk Dance founder Gurit Kadman; with Inbal Dance Company founder and company director Sara Levi-Tanai who also employed Judith as her assistant. There are also many dance company programs from the years she lived in Israel (1972-1977).

Upper left: husband Jerome and grandson Zack taking some of the cartons to the post office to send to Ohio State. Lower left: unpacked cartons on floor of Judith's study. Lower right: Yehuda Hyman helping with organizing the archives.

A Toast to Phillip

On November 26, 2022, Philip toasted Judith on the 50th Anniversary of the Choreographers Evening, the now annual program she began at Walker Art Center.

Now Judith toasts Philip who has been awarded the Chevalier de L’Ordre des Arts Award which honors him for his unusual world wide contribution to the arts especially in France.

Those celebrating included: Judith, l to r with dance critic Sheila Regan; choreographers April Sellers, Mathew Janczewski, Kristin Van Loon; Julie Voigt, Senior Program Officer of Walker’s Performing Arts Dept.; choreographer Laurie Van Wieren and Jerome Ingber.

Judith's Dedication

The Oxford Handbook of Jewishness and Dance Cover

Judith is honored with the simple but bold dedication on the opening page of the important, new Oxford Handbook of Jewishness and Dance.

It reads: Dedicated to Judith Brin Ingber


Wendy Perron, "Dance Magazine" Editor-at-large, reviews the important Oxford Handbook of Jewishness and Dance:

The far-reaching Oxford Handbook of Jewishness and Dance is both a culmination of decades of scholarship and a new look into the intersection of dance and Jewishness. No longer an obscure, occasional practice, Jewish dance scholarship has arrived. It has been accumulating for years, with Judith Brin Ingber, to whom the book is dedicated, leading the way. Researchers like Dina Roginsky, Henia Rottenberg, and Nina Spiegel have carried the torch. Young scholars like Hannah Kosstrin and Rebecca Rossen have recently given us provocative books and essays, laying the foundation for this new phase of investigation. | Read the full review here


Judith co-edited the unusual all English issue Mahol Achshav (Dance Today) #36 with Israeli editor Ruth Eshel.

The articles, by international dancers, dance researchers, dance educators, stem from the ‘Jews and Jewishness in the Dance World’ conference at Arizona State University.

Read the full issue here