Judith Brin Ingber is an international expert on Israeli and Jewish dance. Learn about her upcoming events, recent articles and more.

Seeing Israeli and Jewish Dance

With authors from Seeing Israeli and Jewish Dance offering papers at the recent Conney Conference on Jewish Arts in Los Angeles, it was also great to have the book available. Judith Brin Ingber, Nina Spiegel and Janice Ross’s presentations are all available on The Conney Project website, here.

Sara Levi-Tanai

Sara Levi-Tanai's book, A Creative Life

The new biography of choreographer, company director, writer and composer Sara Levi-Tanai A Life of Creation (Haim Shel Yetzirah), includes a chapter by Judith Brin Ingber. Called "Turning Dance Assumptions Upside Down," Judith's chapter can be downloaded here in translation. (For further info, see Published Writings).

Picture of Judith with Sara Levi-Tanai from 1974 when Judith was assistant to Sara, founder and choreographer of Inbal Dance Theatre. (from the new book).

Minnesota Women's Press

For Judith's newest article about body image and the dancer, see the August MN Women’s Press.

MN Women's Press co-editor and co-publisher, Norma Smith Olson said the essay was "one of the ‘most read’ stories on the website for MN Women’s Press this past week."


















News & Events

Judith's newest dance "WHERE?" Part of ICON SAM TEMPLE DANCES

Judith's trio, WHERE? Judith's trio, WHERE?

Judith’s new trio, WHERE? features Rahila Coates (right), Judith (center) and Susana di Palma (left). Photo by Larry Risser. The dance takes place in the old Masonic Temple built in 1888, now part of the Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts, front of a projection of an actual Masonic backdrop depicted on far right, courtesy of the Performing Arts Archives at the University of MN.

Judith's new trio, WHERE? is part of the upcoming ICON SAM performances, June 14-June 24 at the Hennepin Center for the Arts, produced by the Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts. ICON-SAM, conceived and directed by Cowles artist-in-residence Sally Rousse, will be a “historical/hysterical romp throughout the Hennepin Center for the Arts, formerly known as the Masonic Temple,” she says. Judith is joined by dancers Rahila Coates and Susana di Palma for her trio, with original music by Jim Miller. ICON SAM takes place at 528 Hennepin Ave, the audiences in a guided tour throughout the 19th C. building, formerly a Masonic Temple, stopping not only to see Judith’s trio but award-winning dancemakers Wynn Fricke, HIJACK, Lise Houlton, Judith Howard, and Sally Rousse. For details click here.

Judith Brin Ingber and Sally Rousse in Clouds

Previous collaboration, "Clouds" show's duet with Judith Brin Ingber, in blue, Sally Rousse, in white tutu and Jim Miller, on flute. Photo by V. Paul Virtucio.

Upcoming Conference

Judith is participating in the upcoming conference "Jews and Jewishness in the Dance World" Oct 13-15, 2018 at Arizona State University in Tempe. (for more information write: Naomi Jackson). Judith creates a special dance photo exhibition of Jewish Dance at the main library of ASU for the conference; presents an evening book talk about her book “Seeing Israeli and Jewish Dance;” and there'll be some kind of as yet mysterious recognition, explanation possible after Oct. 15.

Judith and Ohad Naharin

Ohad Naharin, on left with Judith, who has a cameo appearance as Ohad’s teacher in “Mr. Gaga”.

Judith writes a new bio entry about Ohad Naharin for the autumn Paris Opera Ballet Brochure on the occasion of his staging of "Decadence" for the company.

Mr. Gaga, the documentary film about Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin continues to be shown throughout the US and internationally. In March, at the Jewish Film Festival of Palm Springs, CA, Judith was featured in a Q and A. For the festival publicity, Tomer Heymann, award winning-filmmaker of "Mr. Gaga" created a new 3 minute clip of Judith speaking about Ohad, click here.

Judith talking about "Mr. Gaga" after recent Palm Springs, CA film festival showing. Photos by Arlene Karno.