Upcoming Events

Upcoming Conferences

Join Judith and colleagues at the Conney Conference for Jewish Arts for the first time in New York at the 92Y. The exciting dance programming on the afternoon of March 31 will be combined with Catherine Tharin, Dance Curator at the 92Y's  Harkness Dance Center; Ruth Goodman, Israeli Folk Dance Director at 92Y; Doug Rosenberg, director of the Conney with Judith looking at views of Israeli folk dance in America, the role of the 92Y in the past, and today as well as dancing together. April 1 and April 2 will have many special Conney presentations and programming. Watch the website for further developments: https://conneyproject.wisc.edu

Judith has also been featured at the Conney Conferences on Jewish Arts, held at the University of WI, Madison and at University of Southern California. For her keynote address in 2017 and other papers see The Conney Project website, see here.

Judith is doing panels and round tables on Jewish dance at "Jews and Jewishness in the Dance World," Oct 13-15, 2018 at Arizona State University in Tempe.

The conference is a free event "celebrating and examining the impact of Jews and the Jewish experience on the dance field and broader communities." Judith is attending as the curator of the library exhibit and as a special honoree.

The presenters write: "For the Jews and Jewishness in the Dance World conference, Judith is overseeing a special exhibit of photographs and books at the library in connection with the event, and will be honored for her contributions to the field in a special havdalah service on Saturday, October 13. She has also organized a panel on Jewish writing and research, and will participate in other discussions."

For more information see: here.

Cowles Center Collaboration

Judith worked in collaboration with Cowles Performing Arts Center Artist-in-Residence, Sally Rousse. Performances June 14-24, 2018 included MN dance makers in an immersive, historical/hysterical project onstage, backstage, in the hallways, studios, dressing rooms and lobbies of the Cowles Center (formerly known in different eras as the Masonic Temple, Shubert Theater, Hennepin Center for the Arts).

For complete calendar information see: The Cowles Center.

Judith is available for teaching special dance classes incorporating Jewish imagery and movement with inspiration from Judaism, (combined with her experience in yoga, Alexander technique and modern dance).

For further information, please see Hire Judith or reach Judith at: judith@jbriningber.com.