Critical Reviews of Seeing Israeli and Jewish Dance:

The following comments are excerpted from the review by Hannah Kosstrin in the "Dance Research Journal" 2015 issue #47/1:

The book is "filling a void ... Many essays pose larger questions of how Jewishness manifests broadly in theatrical, folk and social dance, and what dancing can tell us about being Jewish...(the book is) appropriate for advanced students and scholars, yet written accessibly for general audiences in dance and Jewish studies.

"Many essays …with compelling visual elements pose larger questions of how Jewishness manifests broadly in theatrical, folk and social dance, and what dancing can tell us about being Jewish. Jewish learning is based on the act of asking questions. Ingber places this tenet of Jewish culture at the heart of the anthology when she layers question upon question to open points for discussion.... One of the most poignant essays is Ingber’s own, “Vilified or Glorified? Nazi Versus Zionist Views of the Jewish Body....” The anthology offers...a level of discourse appropriate for advanced students and scholars, yet written accessibly for general audiences in dance and Jewish studies, filling a void in contemporary dance literature about Jewishness”.

-Professor Hannah Kosstrin from the Dance Research Journal, pages 111-115.

" anthology of riveting essays, supported by scholarship of the highest quality, and an album of photographs and illustrations."

-Mindi Aloff, Dance Magazine, May 2012.

"For those of us who study the field—and for those who wish to know more about the subject—Seeing Israeli and Jewish Dance is an invaluable resource."

-Deborah Friedes Galili,, Dec. 14, 2011.

"...combines academic thinking with the viewpoints of the dancers themselves...the writing is as full of vitality as the artists and the artistic expressions it covers...the reader truly 'sees' the dance on the pages."

-Linda F. Burghardt, Jewish Book World. Full review here.

"A Beautiful, Dazzling Encyclopedic Work."

-Leora Itman,, July 2011.

"I'm using your book—my students and I are just loving it. It hits all the right notes."

-Professor Hannah Kosstrin, Reed College

"I received a copy of the book and what a tour de force! It is a lifetime's achievement—a pearl, jewel in your cap, your legacy... I don't think there are words to describe how amazing it is!"

-Professor Naomi Jackson, Dance Historian, Arizona State University

"I saw the feature article in Haaretz and it was really special to read about you with my morning coffee. Seemed so natural!"

-Arts patron in Tel Aviv, Nili

"I reviewed, enjoyed and cataloged your book Seeing Israeli and Jewish Dance. For American Jewish University; since I read your book I know that I am dancing every week when I daven in Shul. Keep inspiring us.

-Jackie Ben-Efraim

"What a labor of love before my eyes and the plethora of subject matters covered in the different chapters, hours of readings ahead of me—so much to absorb and inhale and find connections with my own work."

-Judith Shen-Dar, Chief curator of Art, Yad Vashem

"Your book came, and I have been reading it. What a rich tradition—so much variety and fascinating nuance between the different strains of Jewish and Israeli dance. I love the photographs too, which are so colorful, even without color! … What a magnum opus—wow!"

-Margaret Wurtele, Novelist, The Golden Hour

"It is so wonderful to read your reports and know the outpouring of interest and acclaim that have accompanied the book. I'm kvelling for you!"

-Josh Perelman PhD, Chief Curator, National Museum of American Jewish History

International coverage:

Dan Ronen in Dance Today, Dance Magazine of Israel, August 2012, p 66. Translation forthcoming.

Featured in Haaretz Newspaper, Israel. Translation forthcoming.

National German Public Radio interview by Heike Wipperfurth with Judith, about Jews managing to teach and perform dance in Terezin during World War II, the Nazi transit camp near Prague. The interview aired on German radio February 3rd, 2012.

Performance Reviews

"Pleasing assortment of songs and dances - many lively, some melancholy, a few tragic, and all beautifully costumed."

-Jack Anderson, Dancing Times of London

"The beauty, expertise, scholarship, and professionalism that informs your performance is truly moving...for those few of the people who thought Sephardic music and dance foreign and not easily accessible, your performance was a valuable introduction..."

-The Wexner Foundation, New York

"Any campus with a serious interest in promoting multi-cultural awareness and artistic and religious diversity - as well as wanting an outstanding musical and artistic performance- will be amply rewarded by hosting Voices of Sepharad."

-Drake University

"Voices of Sepharad's newest work These Things I Remember" explores the connections between defining life events and faith, set against the vivid backdrop of Sephardic history."

-Caroline Palmer, City Pages

Conference Presentations

"Your presentation in the conference was really excellent…so beautifully prepared and presented and giving insights into who Sara really was! I always come away wishing the person that is talked about (Sara in this case) would have heard the conference comments during her life! Why do we wait until she is no longer with us?"

-Rena Gluck, Soloist emeritus of Batsheva Dance Company, Past director of the Rubin Academy of Dance department, Dance historian, after an international conference on Sara Levi-Tanai, December 2011, sponsored by Tel Aviv University and the Israel Dance Library.

Leading Jewish Dances

"I was so glad to go to your and Judith Chazin-Bennahum's presentation at the 92Y [Jan. 15, 2012 book launch]. I loved it. It was good for my Jewish soul and my dancer soul."

-Wendy Perron, Editor in Chief, Dance Magazine

"Ingber infused a sense of mystery and excitement into Jewish dances. No longer were these the mechanical movements that I've done hundreds of times since childhood. Instead, we engaged with Jewish dancing and ultimately our history by learning something new about it and then immediately interacting with that enticing newness."

-Ali Littman, "The Link", December 2012, available here.

"[The March 15 book program in San Francisco] was a delightful program and I had some lovely comments from people. As I was leaving the building from your program, there were 3 older women standing outside the building and talking about it. They really enjoyed it—came from Marin (across the Golden Gate bridge) and said they could have stayed for hours more! Thank you for being such a gracious presenter!! It was lovely working with you and if you have plans to be in the Bay Area in the future—let me know and we can see about doing another program." .

-Allison J. Green, presenter at the Jewish Community Library of San Francisco

"We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful program you presented. Your ears must be burning because we heard so many fine comments. We absolutely loved the video you showed about Felix Fibich who is such a treasure! And thank you for getting members up to dance in such a nice, easy way—starting with just a simple line of walking dances. We do have an older group and those who couldn’t get up still loved watching you and everyone who did. It was a rich, rewarding experience for all of us, with your nice easy way about you and your incredible knowledge."

-Annalee and Dorothy, co-chairs, The Vinkle. those who love Yiddish culture and language, Mpls, JCC, Feb. 12, 2012